MANT has been using this approach of Development Communication aimed at preparation of VIDEOS by engaging and involving all concerned to showcase their way of life, problems and possible solutions thereto and best practices and success stories of Adivasi Development. Community Video initiative, as expected has been providing ample scope to the adivasi community to decide the content of the video, stories to be told, problems/issues to be addressed and how their community to be represented and thereby empowering them. This activity could be regarded as Horizontal activity rather than vertical one followed by mainstream media.

This initiative adopted collaborative processes like participatory planning, problem-solving, questioning the existing system, generating discussions and reaching consensus for the purpose of preparation of a community video. The three major salient features of the initiatives are listed below:

1. It is a community made participatory video
2. Enhancing the community capacity
3. Enabling real time response to the ever changing needs of the Adivasi people.


• To enable exchanges of experience
• To communicate local concerns to decision-makers
• To advocate for human rights and legal justice.
• To amplify voices rarely heard in the media.
• To advance Adivasi (indigenous) people’s empowerment.


• Drama coupled with folk-songs and dance
• Documentaries
• Docu-Drama- a combination of both Forms


• Sparking consciousness through dialogue
• Making connections
• Breaking through isolation
• Depicting positive models of change

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