'Jangalnama', perhaps, the only weekly publication published in Santhali, the mother tongue of Santhal tribe.

With a circulation of around 5000 copies this publication enjoys a readership of 20,000 plus. The circulation covers areas of Birbhum, Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapur. Soon this publication will be available in Jharkhand also.

Considering the growth pattern and coverage, the visibility of this publication is on the increase. With the growth of literacy and income, the life style and purchasing power of the targets have increased substantially. There are a lot of ongoing projects to raise the standard of living and living comforts especially in infrastructure.

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    Participation is the key feature of Community Media; it is what places community media outside of traditional media models, in which audiences are passive receivers of messages. In the Community Media Model, senders and receivers together create messages and meaning through participatory processes. 

    A quality community service is one that:

    1. Validates and strengthens communities

    2. Covers topics that are relevant to the community

    3. Encourages community discussion and debate

    Applying Audio-Visual Communication Strategies, MANT has always taken participatory approaches in developing high quality contents. A basic foundation for this is creating relevant, believable messages within our productions like Serial Radio Dramas, Magazine Programmes and Publications etc. which are appropriate to the target audience, and which present a social message for change.

Community Radio

Community Radio is gradually recognised as a source of information, promoter of cultural diversity, and as the Voice of the Voiceless. It is an effective instrument and a catalyst that can maintain transparency and accountability in the development efforts of rural and underprivileged segments of society. Equally, it is a service that enables increased communication among local communities on a wide range of issues – from local cultural expressions to improved agricultural, health and human rights issues.


MANT was selected by UNICEF, on the basis of the recommendation of the District Administration (SBCC Cell, Purulia), to be assigned the task of establishing a Community Radio Station, the first ever of its kind in West Bengal with a target population of 1 lakh within a radius of 15 km in the Block of Puncha, Purulia known for its abiding poverty and backwardness. Accordingly, the project got initiated in the month of October 2010 and since then the project has been enjoying financial support from UNICEF. Now UNICEF is to withdraw its financial input... more

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